Piquillo peppers

Also known as pimiento de piquillo and piquillo chile, these little peppers are traditionally grown in northern Spain. They are roasted over open fires to get a rich, spicy sweet and smoky flavour and are slightly hot, it is unlike other peppers. Most are picked when they are red, they are also available in green or green and red. The green ones have a sharper, less sweet flavour. They are peeled and de-seeded then packed in tins or jars which makes them a useful pantry item. 

Using pquillo peppers

They appear throughout Spanish recipes, which show their versatility

  • in tapas stuffed with rice, chickpeas, cheese, meat and seafood
  • they make a good addition to paella, rice, soups, pizzas and tarts
  • they can be used to make Salsa Romesco, and marinades too.
  • as a side dish, heat them, drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper
  • fry them with some garlic, perhaps add some capers.
  • for a simple dish serve them with fried eggs.

Piquillo pepper recipes

Frank Camorra of Movida restaurant does a sherry pastry empanada filled with pork and piquillo

Michele Cranston of Marie Claire has recipe for a chilled soup of piquillo pepper and almond

Anna Gare from Perth’s Deluxe Catering and many television appearances including MasterChef does a Spanish deli salad with piquillo peppers

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