Carta di musica

Carta di musica or pane carasau is a bread or crispbread of Sardinian origins.  

Carta di musica is extremely thin, and can be described as a salty, crisp, crackly, puffed and bubbly sheet.

The dough is a mixture of regular flour and semolina, but there seems to be two camps when it comes to whether it uses yeast or any other raising agent, or no raising agent at all.

Using carta di musica

  • With antipasto and other grazing plates
  • As an accompaniment to soups and stews

Carta di musica recipes

Top carta di musica with this flavour infused baked ricotta

American Italian chef Mario Batali’s recipe for carta di musica, he goes with the raising agent crowd and uses yeast

Carta di musica's appearances on local restaurant menus, illustrate other ways to use it –

Pilu at Freshwater has a bread course of  carta di musica, freshly made ricotta with truffle abbamele and a selection of olives, and have served carta di musica on the side with cured and smoked salmon marinated in extra virgin olive oil, citrus and fennel seeds sliced and served with a salad of fennel, celery hearts, bottarga and slow-roasted baby golden beets.

At Lotus they put Valdeon blue on carta di musica with quince puree, chervil and white balsamic caramel

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