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By completing and submitting this form you are agreeing to use the market stall rate only for listings which meet the conditions of the offer you will receive by email.

You will receive an email after you complete this form, please confirm you subscribed, then the Market Stall listing rates will be sent to you. Our Privacy Policy




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Newsbites are included in the Showcase and Premium listing packages. During the year of their subscription a Showcase listed business can have 104 newsbites published, and Premium listing can have 26 newsbites published.

Newsbites will appear in the weekly public newsletter, and can also be posted in the 4cooks Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Newsbites belong to a single listing, an offer through multiple outlets can be published as a single newsbite but will count as one newsbite per listing. A newsbite which is submitted in one request to be posted in the newsletter, and on Twitter, and Facebook counts as one newsbite.  

Twitter and Facebook posts will be edits of your newsbite, which fit the limits these services impose.

How to use newsbites

  • Announce new products or stock arrivals
  • Highlight a specific product
  • Promote seasonal produce
  • Offer ideas for Easter, Christmas, birthdays
  • Promote downloads you have posted in the links on your 4cooks listing
  • Promote tastings and other in store events
  • Offer specials, clearance prices, free shipping
  • Promote your presence at food shows and events

Structure of a newsbite

You must include the following information in your newsbite request

  1. Your business name and your 4cooks listing URL/web address. The text of your business name in the newsbite header will be linked to your 4cooks URL
  2. The location where the offer, event etc is available – suburb and State or online and URL
  3. Provide up to 258 characters of text description, this is approximately XX lines of text in the form. Including the timing in your description. You may include a URL on your own website or from your 4cooks listing.
  4. Time - when a special price offer starts and ends, for instance, ‘available until sold out’ or ‘from date to date’ or if available from time of publication ‘until date
  5. Time – be specific about the time and the day of the week, if it is an event; a tasting, a demonstration etc
  6. Time – for new products and seasonal produce indicate if it will be available on an ongoing basis or indicate the period of availability, such as ‘during month – month
  7. Any prices in a newsbite must be stated in Australian dollars and include GST

The form below follows these guidelines, complete and submit it for publication.

Deadlines and publication times

Newsbites must be received by 5pm AEST/AEDT on Monday to be included in the newsletter that week.

Newsbites will be posted to 4cooks Twitter and Facebook accounts within 2 days of being received, or on a date you specify which is at least 2 days after you submit the newsbite.

Tips for writing your newsbite text

Open strongly to grab attention, for example

  • Get 20% off all French cheese on Bastille day, 9am-5pm, 14 July 2011...
  • See ‘celebrity chef’ in store signing their new book,’Title of book’. 11am – 12pm, Saturday 15 October 2011...
  • Free truffle recipes, the Australian season has started and we’ll have truffles in stock until ‘month’...

Strong, action oriented words to start with: - Buy, Taste, Try, Join us, Meet, Demonstration of, Get, See, Be ready, Enjoy, Visit, Come, How to

Other attention getting words to start with: - Just arrived, New, Exclusive, Only available, Unique, Free

What a newsbite looks like

Quattro Formaggi Deli, Chatswood NSW
How to use Raclette, see a demonstration of the traditional way to prepare this cheese with a grill. The heat intensifies its nutty milky flavour. 9am – 1pm, Saturday 15 October 2011 in our store on Lower Ground floor Chatswood Chase.

Newsbite request


You may be feeling a little wary of being on a website that allows customer reviews. So we thought we’d let you know how we manage them, and how you can manage them.

There are benefits and challenges, but customer reviews also offer opportunities. 4cooks includes them because they are a natural extension of what happens offline, and customers want them to help them make purchase decisions.

Customer reviews are one form of word of mouth or referral marketing. Every day customers talk about your business, their experiences as a customer and what they bought from you. In most cases you don’t know what is being said or to whom, and can’t learn about what you are doing well or what you can improve.

With 4cooks online reviews you get the chance to not only get valuable feedback, but also to respond.  

Most reviews are honest, unbiased and provide constructive feedback about a customer’s experience. But sometimes they can be uninhibited or cross the line.

How 4cooks manages reviews

Reviews submitted on 4cooks are mediated. This means they are viewed by 4cooks staff before they are published on the website. There are several ways 4cooks may handle a negative review:

  • Notify the listed business that the review is being published
  • Notify the business and allow 1 day for them to contact 4cooks before the review is published
  • 4cooks’ terms of service exclude certain content and provide publishing discretion over all submitted content, so reviews may be edited to an acceptable standard or not published

Get reviews

Undoubtedly, you get positive feedback from your customers. Ask these customers if they would put their comments in as a review on your 4cooks listing.

Be proactive about getting good reviews, your efforts will be rewarded, because consumers trust their peers views more than any form advertising.

What to do about a bad review

Don’t panic, take calm steps to deal with the problem.   

Comment in reply, your objective is to get direct contact with them and show other readers that you are concerned about your customers’ experiences. But, don’t conduct any communication about the problem online, do it privately.

  • Use a calm tone and address them using the screen name on their review
  • Begin by saying you’re sorry, but without admitting fault - ‘I am sorry you are having this problem.’
  • Follow with a request for contact - ‘Please email me, or call me, and give me your phone number or email address.’
  • Sign off with your name and contact information
  • Send a copy to and request we contact the user on your behalf to make sure they get your message
  • Inform anyone who may pick up their call or see their incoming email that you are waiting to hear from an upset customer, who you want to speak to
  • When you hear from them –
    • let them tell you everything they need to, and just listen
    • acknowledge that you have heard them - ‘okay I understand how you feel’
    • before you ask any questions, ask if they would mind if you asked some questions
    • think about what you might offer the customer – refund, replacement etc
    • and, share with them what you will do to prevent the problem recurring – ‘we will be talking to our staff about providing better service’  

We have provided links to two of the most popular free email services. Both can be accessed on the web without having to download any software. This also means that you can access your email from any computer with internet access, and a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome from Google, or Safari from Apple.

To get a Gmail account from Google click here

To get a Yahoo email account click here

Complete all the required parts of the form and after submitting it follow any instructions given on the screen.

Accessing your account

For Gmail -  go to, and click on Gmail at the top left of the screen. Then login with your Gmail email address and your password.

For Yahoo – go to and look for the word ‘Welcome’ on the right of the page, click on the mail links in the box below, then sign in with your Yahoo email address and your password.

Uncovering where to buy those harder to find ingredients

  • To connect potential customers with you  
  • A directory for finding food - ingredients, fresh produce and gourmet
  • It's about the products you sell which are high quality, different, or not widely available
  • Be found by your business name, by categories or brand and general keywords
  • Brand keywords give flexibility to describe your own original products or name the sought after branded products that you carry
  • Be found whether you are online, a local store, a market stall, or you cover an area with a home delivery service
  • Get communication beyond your directory listing; 'newsbites', free editorial opportunities, competitions and other ideas. You opt-in, we do the promotion.

How your business can use 4cooks

  • As an extension of your customer service, helping customers who want to buy
  • For proactive promotion, through the newsbites, images, links and longer descriptions included in the Showcase and Premium packages
  • Get a relevant and targeted presence on the web

Get your launch code

Simply submit your details in the form below, and we'll send a promotion code to your email address. Use the promotion code when you purchase a listing to get 2 years subscription for the price of one. The promotion code is valid  up to midnight on 18 November 2011 and can't be combined with any other offer.

Launch code request 

You will receive an email after you complete this form, please confirm you subscribed, then the Launch code will be sent to you. Our Privacy Policy

When you submit the form you will be taken to a page with more information about the directory listings and pricing. 




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Edit your account details

Your report has been received and will now be investigated.

Why do I need to have an account?

How do I access my account and listings?

How often can I update my listings?

Can I stay logged into my account?

When do I need to change my password?

How do I change my account password?

What if I forget my login and password?

Who sees the account and personal information I provide?

Does 4cooks sell or share the contact information I enter for my account?

How do you protect the account and personal information I provide?

What do I do if I think someone else has accessed my account or listings?

What do I do if I see content which is offensive, suspicious or spammy?

Is 4cooks’ payment process secure?

What if I’ve paid for the listing and find I bought the wrong one?

Why do I receive the public members’ newsletter as well as the business newsletter?

Can I stop receiving the newsletters?

How will a new website like 4cooks be found by people?

How will 4cooks attract and keep visitors coming back to the website?

Who can submit a review or rating?

What can I do if a bad review is posted?

What are Newsbites and how do I use them effectively?

How does my listing appear in the featured listings?

How often does a listing appear in the featured listings box?

Where do I get further information?

Useful links in 4cooks


Why do I need to have an account?

4cooks uses your account information in several ways as part of running the website including; subscription management, billing, managing your access to your account and listing(s), and your participation in the interactive elements of the website like the comments area and reviews.

How do I access my account and listings?

You can login to access your account information and listings from the Managing your listings page at Your listings will appear in a table and there will be a link to your account details, so you can edit them too.  

How often can I update my listings?

You can login in at any time of day or night and make changes. This can be done as often as you want to, or need to.

On infrequent occasions the website may not be available because maintenance is in progress. You will receive notifications when these planned events are scheduled.

Can I stay logged into my account?

When you login there is an option to tick to have your login details remembered. This means that anyone coming to use that computer will be logged into your account if they go to the 4cooks website. If you share use of the computer with other people you may not wish to select this option.

You should also logout rather than simply leave the website, as your login will remain active for some time, and anyone opening a browser at would have access to the website using your account. To logout, look for the link in the top right corner below the search box.

Remember your password provides the security for your listings and you are responsible for its security and usage.

When do I need to change my password?

You are responsible for the security and usage of your business’ login and password. If you delegate entering information to one or more staff members, you might wish to change the password when they complete the work required, or a regular intervals, or when staff leave the business.

How do I change my account password?

You can change the account password on your account details page. Simply type the new password into the 2 password boxes and save your changes.

Your account details page can be accessed by logging in to Manage your listing and clicking on the link to edit your account details.

What if I forget my login and password?

We encourage you to keep a record of your account login and password in a secure place. Your login will be your email address. If you forget your password you can click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link on the Manage your listing page at

Who sees the account and personal information I provide?

All staff members and contractors are bound to perform their work in compliance with the 4cooks Privacy Policy. They only have access to account information and personal information, if it is necessary to perform their work.

Please note, the details of your business and the contact information you enter to be included in your directory listing will be accessible to any member of the public who visits the website. But, your email address will not be visible in the listing, there will be a link to a form and captcha protection to prevent machine generated spam.

Does 4cooks sell or share the contact information I enter for my account?

4cooks does not sell or share contact and personal information which you provide to us for the purpose of administering your account or your use of the website.

Our Terms of Use which you must agree to in order to become an account holder or member provides 4cooks with the right to publish in the public domain the content you provide for a listing, comments, reviews or any other opportunities we may provide for you to contribute content. 

When specific circumstances arise we may collect information from you which will be shared with third parties. When this is the case, it will be clearly stated in the information accompanying the collection of your details. An example of when this might occur is when an offer is made to you through us by a third party. If you respond requesting information or their product or service they would need to contact you.

How do you protect the account and personal information I provide?

4cooks has chosen service providers who offer service features that provide high levels of protection for 4cooks data.

Encryption of communication between users and the website is provided using a static IP address for the website and the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. This industry standard 256-bit encryption means that information and transactions submitted to cannot be viewed, intercepted or altered. 4cooks SSL Certificate is from Geotrust and is compatible with 98% or web browsers in use today. If your browser is not up to date it may not be compatible and you may get security warning messages. Geotrust lists compatible browsers at

Geotrust is one of the leading providers of online data security services. In August 2010 a survey by Netcraft found GeoTrust provides SSL security to more of the top 1 million web domains than any other SSL provider.

Our website hosting is on servers in Australia which are owned by the company providing this service. They have buildings which are secured with electronic security systems and 24 hour a day guard services. Only security guards open the entrances to the building and visitors are escorted at all times.  

4cooks uses Eway to securely manage the transaction process

What do I do if I think someone else has accessed my account or listings?

Please notify us immediately providing details about why you think someone else has accessed your account.

Call 0405 514 560 to notify us and email the details to

Provide screenshots – on a PC press the Ctrl + PRTSC keys to take a screen shot, then paste it into a Word document and attach to your email – to show us the exact problem.

What do I do if I see content which is offensive, suspicious or spammy?

Please report any content which you think is inappropriate. 4cooks reserves the right to remove any inappropriate content which has been posted on the website.

To prevent misuse of the website’s interactive features 4cooks only allows registered users access to contribute content, and all contributed content is mediated before publication.

Is 4cooks’ payment process secure?

4cooks has chosen service providers who offer service features that provide high levels of protection for 4cooks data and payment processes. There are three components that secure our payment process

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption on the 4cooks website
  • PCI DSS compliant credit card processing
  • Secure web hosting

4cooks uses eWAY to securely manage the transaction process. This provides credit card payment processing in real time, like an over the counter credit card purchase, with information about the transaction being returned for you to see

eWAY holds a PCI DSS Certificate confirming they have been assessed by Securus Global and found to be compliant against the PCI Data Security Standards. This set of standards was created by card issuers such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express to ensure the security of credit card details online. eWAY’s compliance with these requirements prevents credit card fraud, hacking and various other security issues.

Encryption of communication between users and the website is provided using a static IP address for the website and the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. This industry standard 256-bit encryption means that information and transactions submitted to cannot be viewed, intercepted or altered. 4cooks SSL Certificate is from Geotrust and is compatible with 98% or web browsers in use today. If your browser is not up to date it may not be compatible and you may get security warning messages. Geotrust lists compatible browsers at

Geotrust is one of the leading providers of online data security services. In August 2010 a survey by Netcraft found GeoTrust provides SSL security to more of the top 1 million web domains than any other SSL provider.

Our website hosting is with an Australian company, on servers in Australia, which are owned by the company providing this service. They have buildings which are secured with electronic security systems and 24 hour a day guard services. Only security guards open the entrances to the building and visitors are escorted at all times.  

What if I’ve paid for the listing and find I bought the wrong one?

If you really wanted the Showcase listing but only bought the Premium listing; start by creating the Premium listing. Once it has been created choose the upgrade option for the listing on the Managing you listing page. Once you have completed the purchase add the additional content, images and links you want to the listing.

If you want a lower level listing, please contact us at

Why do I receive the public members’ newsletter as well as the business newsletter?

Businesses receive the consumer newsletter for a couple of reasons; so that you know what we are sending to consumers, if you have a listing with an allocation of Newsbites you will be able to see that any that you have submitted have been published, and finally we all eat and there maybe something of interest to you in the newsletter.

Can I stop receiving the newsletters?

You can elect to stop receiving the consumer newsletter. If you want to stop receiving the business newsletter please consider that 4cooks does use it as a way to keep you informed about free editorial opportunities, what we are planning, and generally ways to help you make the most of your business’ listing.

We may also communicate with you by email at other times, this will not be a subscription but general business communication to you as a customer of 4cooks.

How will a new website like 4cooks be found by people?

4cooks will market the website using both online and offline marketing. The marketing program being implemented at any time may include any of the following tactics, and the program may change over time as we measure the effectiveness of each marketing tactic.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) – 4cooks has applied the principles that promote a website in the search engine algorithms to the content and set up of the website. Off website SEO is also being implemented primarily through establishing links from other websites to 4cooks.

Search engine marketing (SEM) – Google Adwords is the dominant form of SEM, which is paid advertising in search engines. These ads target people who are searching for terms which are relevant, such as recipes, and long tail search terms like ‘where to buy German rye bread’.

Display advertising – 4cooks may use display advertising, online or in print. This is expected to be a very limited part of the marketing program, and would only be used where it can be highly targeted.

Social media – Social media will be very important as medium for letting people know there is new content on the website, for distributing the newsbites that listed businesses contribute, and keeping a conversation going with the 4cooks audience.  

Even before the website was launched it proved itself. 4cooks has Facebook and Twitter accounts and in a couple of months prior to launch, with little more than some online conversation and telling people about the 4cooks concept, we built a following of around 200.  Meanwhile, each post we put on Facebook during this time was viewed by 75 – 150 people.

Networking – 4cooks has memberships with several major business and women’s networks. These networks have a combined membership of over 40,000 and provide low cost opportunities to promote 4cooks.

Their email and print publications, and online forums and social media provide regular low cost promotion channels to a interested audience. Just attending 5 network lunches and talking to people about 4cooks led to 50 people signing up online to be a member, before we had anything to offer.

PR – Food magazines are one of very few categories of print magazines which are experiencing sales growth and they and newspaper food sections provide a great channel to reach people who love food. 4cooks will work to get coverage for the website, and include listed businesses in media releases when we have a newsworthy story we can share.

Food blogs are now an intrinsic part of the food media landscape and will be included in our PR program and other areas of our marketing and community engagement.  

How will 4cooks attract and keep visitors coming back to the website?

4cooks’ approach is to provide practical and useful information about where to buy ingredients, produce and gourmet food items – the directory - and surround it with supporting information and communication to keep visitors engaged and interested.

The Ingredient info pages provide an onsite resource for visitors to explore, and new entries will be used within the newsletter content and social media to attract further visits.

The Recipe Search means the visitor can access a selection of about 20 Australian recipe sites from 4cooks – plan their weekly menu and search for where to buy ingredients, all in one place.

The Newsbites included in the Premium and Showcase listing packages are also designed to keep visitors engaged with the site and your business. The short pieces of communication are ideally something with an action for the visitor to take – come to a tasting, try the new product we have just received, enter a competition, or you have a special offer, that sort of thing.

We will also develop other ways to keep people involved with the site and the listed businesses who can serve them.

Who can submit a review or rating?

Anyone who has joined 4cooks, either as a business or an individual, can review or rate a listed business when they are logged in.

Reviews and ratings provide your listing with the power of ‘word of mouth’ recommendation. It’s been shown in marketing studies that consumers are highly influenced by what other consumers have to say even when they don’t know them. They also have their own criteria for making a judgment based on reviews, and don’t necessarily give credibility to every reviewer’s comments or all their points.

One of the things I really like about the food sector is the support that businesses give to one another. I loved that when I asked on Twitter for recommendations on good bakeries, a butcher recommended his local baker. You can do that on 4cooks too.

What can I do if a bad review is posted?

All reviews are mediated by 4cooks, so we see them before they are published. This means we can let you know what is happening and give you a chance to respond quickly should any issues arise.

The guide to Managing reviews provides some helpful information about handling reviews.

4cooks also reserves the right not to publish everything which is contributed. You’ll find our Terms of Use address this.

What are Newsbites and how do I use them effectively?

Newsbites are included in the Premium and Showcase listing packages. They extend the promotional reach of your listing by giving you an allowance of Newsbites to use during the subscription year. Newsbites are included in the public newsletter, and can also be posted in the 4cooks’ Twitter and Facebook newsfeeds.

How Newsbites work can be found at

How does my listing appear in the featured listings?

Businesses appearing in the featured listings on the home page and internal directory and content pages have subscribed to the Showcase listing package.

How often does a listing appear in the featured listings box?

The featured listings rotate through the Showcase listings, changing when a page is loaded or refreshed.

The frequency with which a listing appears will depend on the number Showcase listings.

The featured listings box can be reconfigured. As the volume of Showcase listings rises it could show more listings, other configuration measures can also be implemented to manage the appearance of the featured listings.

Where do I get further information?  and the links below may help too.

If you have any suggestions for topics we should add to this page, please let us know.

Useful links in 4cooks

  • Creating your listing guide
  • Managing reviews
  • Newsbites
  • Managing your listing
  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy
  • Advertising Terms of Use



All advertisers of products and services must adhere to the Terms of Use of the website.

4cooks products and services

4cooks offers directory listing advertising and non directory listing advertising. All advertisers using these products and services must adhere to the Terms of Use of the website and the Advertising Terms of Use regardless of whether a fee is paid, or the product or service is free. 

All products and services are offered subject to availability at time of purchase or booking.

Responsibilities of advertisers

As an advertiser of products and services you acknowledge that you have responsibilities in your use of the website.   Your responsibilities are listed below: 


  • You must provide accurate, current and complete information for recording in the directory
  • You are solely responsible for the content of the information and must ensure that it does not promote an unlawful activity
  • You must ensure that the information does not misrepresent Your product and services
  • You must ensure that the content of the information is not fraudulent, threatening, defamatory obscene, offensive, indecent, pornographic, abusive, discriminatory, liable to incite hatred, is in breach of confidence, or privacy,
  • You must ensure that the products and services that you advertise do not infringe copyright or the trademark of another service provider
  • You must update the information as appropriate within a reasonable time of any changes being made to the products and services provided by you 

Your conduct

  • You must ensure that you do not advertise your products and services so as to interfere with any use of the website by other users
  • You must not misrepresent your own identity


By advertising on the website of 4cooks of products and services you agree to:

  • Indemnify 4cooks, its office holders, employees, contractors and agents against all liability arising from such advertisement
  • Indemnify 4cooks, its office holders, employees, contractors and agents in respect of any actions, suits, claims, demands, damages or losses arising from such advertisement

Australian Business Number

  • You must supply Your Australian Business Number (ABN) to 4cooks at the time of listing of the products and services


  • You must ensure that where costs are provided, they are in Australian dollars (AUD) and include Goods & Services Tax (GST).


  • You must ensure that full payment is made for directory listing advertising and non directory listing advertising prior to the advertising of products and services going live.
  • You must ensure that there are sufficient funds available in the account you nominate from which payment is to be made, or, that the payment deduction will be made successfully from your nominated credit card.
  • 4cooks reserves its rights to refuse to accept further advertising information from you in the event that a credit card or other payment is reversed.

4cooks conduct

4cooks agrees to accept advertising information on the following terms and conditions:

Information provided by you

  • 4cooks will review and approve all information uploaded or supplied by you as the advertiser and will rely on the accuracy and truth of the content of such information.
  • Sound contained within advertising and expandable creative must be user generated
  • 4cooks reserves its right to reject, remove, amend, modify or edit content from the information which is deemed by 4cooks to be misleading, inaccurate, offensive, defamatory or inappropriate and will not be required to enter into any discussions or negotiation with you or third parties acting on your behalf as to the reasons for taking such action, but will indicate if such information does not accord with 4cooks terms of use.
  • 4cooks will notify you by email or telephone to the address or telephone nominated by you if it intends to reject, modify or edit the order as placed even if payment has been made.

Service and accounts

  • 4cooks reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, or cancel orders in its sole discretion, other than to indicate where the information does not accord with 4cooks terms of use.


  • 4cooks is unfortunately unable to process or accept your order until payment is received and accepted as cleared funds
  • 4cooks will provide email confirmation to the address you nominate that the order as placed by you has been accepted for advertising purposes following receipt of payment


  • 4cooks will use its best endeavours to place on the website the material provided by you however in the unfortunate event that such material is received beyond the stated deadline then 4cooks will reschedule the advertisement to the next available position without further notice to you.  Fees paid by you will not be refunded. 


  • 4cooks will send an email to remind you to renew your contract for website listing prior to the expiration of the current contract.
  • Failure to renew your contract will result in your listing being removed from the website.
  • 4cooks reserves its right to terminate your contract without notice if your use of the website is deemed by 4cooks to constitute unacceptable conduct, or the information submitted is inaccurate, misleading, offensive, defamatory, inappropriate, or you fail to pay accounts for services for which you have contracted.

Refunds and cancellations

  • Advertsing fees are not refundable.

Your claim will now be reviewed and authorised by our team. You can view the progress on your claim in the Manage Listings area

You will now be sent an email asking you to activate your account. Please click on the link in the email to make your account active and to start enjoying the 4cooks website.

At present 4cooks does not offer listings suitable for food businesses who do not sell direct to the public. However, we would like to invite you to join the 4cooks community as a food business member.

  • Receive the Free 4cooks newsletters
  • Access information we post in business section of the site
  • Receive editorial opportunity notifications, and
  • Participate in the general community too

Thank you for choosing to list your business with 4cooks.
Your next steps:

  • Activate your account before you login. We have sent you an email with a link to click on, which will activate your account and login.
  • Download the ‘Creating your listing guide’. It’s been prepared to help you make your listing as effective as possible, and to give some tips about entering the information.
  • Should you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us as we'd love to hear from you - email us

The details you supply on this page are for managing your account and our communication with your business. You will be able to enter your publicly accessible listing details separately.

TIP: Having the ‘Auto fill’ option turned on in your web browser allows you to quickly select from items you have previously typed which match what you are starting to type.

  • Packages are sold as a 12 month subscription which starts on the day of purchase
  • To complete your purchase you will need a working email address to receive your receipt, the subscription confirmation and our newsletters and other communication
  • Keep a record of the email address you use and the password you create, you will use them to access your account, and create and maintain your listing
  • You can read our Terms of Service here, you will be asked to accept them during the purchase process
  • Any questions, please click here to email us, and we will respond within 24 hours

Please note: that as listings relate to the ingredients, produce and food products which can be bought through an online or physical store, separate listings are needed to allow the search engine to work effectively if you sell through both channels or from multiple locations.

There is one more step to finalise your membership, we have sent an email to you to confirm your membership, simply click on the link in the email to complete the process.


If you don’t find the email in your inbox, please check your spam and junk mail folders.


And a special request…  to help us make 4cooks work for you, would you please complete the following items too

Being a 4cooks member is FREE

Apart from the open access searches for food businesses in your area, and where to find those specific ingredients and gourmet foods, you will be able to:

  • review and rate the listed food businesses
  • add food businesses you know to the directory
  • add details to unclaimed listings, about what you have found on their shelves
  • contribute your thoughts to the ingredient information
  • Plus, there’s a newsletter to keep you in the loop

What happens next

  • you will receive an email to confirm your subscription
  • we use your subscription information to send you newsletters and alerts, and to improve and develop 4cooks, we do not share your subscription information with anyone
  • we only send information which we believe will be of interest to you
  • you can unsubscribe at anytime
  • if we hold a competition, survey, promotion or offer, your participation may be separate from your 4cooks membership subscription, if your information will be provided to a third party we will disclose with whom and how the information will be used - things like letting you know you are a winner!
  • when you write a review or a comment on the 4cooks site your screen name, suburb & State will be included with what you have written. 4cooks does not tolerate abuse of the facilities it offers and reserves the right to remove abusive, threatening, and other unacceptable contributions to the Web site content and 4cooks social media pages

Coming soon

Explore, discover and experiment with ingredients that are new to you. To get started try the tips on their use and the recipes we have linked to.  Or add comments to share how you use these fresh foods, condiments, cooked, dry and preserved ingredients.

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4cooks is always looking for food businesses to add to the directory.

  • Do you have a favourite butcher, baker, green grocer .... that other people should know about?
  • Have you found a great source of ingredients and gourmet food that you would like to share?
  • Spotted any new food businesses lately that look interesting?

Provide any details as you can, and we’ll follow up the business to add further details.

Browse the categories and sub-categories to familiarise yourself with the scope of ingredients the directory covers. Anything you put in the Keyword search box will search for a category or sub-category as well as other keywords in the listings. Use "inverted commas" around your search term to find that specific phrase or visit the Search tips page for information to help you find things quickly and easily.

4cooks is committed to seeking to protect your privacy as an advertiser or user of products advertised on the website or subscriber to the website.  For this reason 4cooks has adopted a privacy policy to inform you as to what information may be collected from you when you advertise a product on this website, or visit this website, complete any forms online or become a customer on purchasing products advertised on this website.

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Searches can give you unexpected results – too many, not enough or not the results you expected. These tips should help you search effectively. However, sometimes what you are looking for may not be listed – let us know what you don’t find so we can improve the directory.

The Keyword search box

Any words you enter here will search four areas within the directory listings

  • Business name
  • Categories and sub categories
  • A keyword area of the listing  that covers names or descriptions of  branded and house products
  • More general keywords that describe the business and its stock or services

So you can search for specific items like Careme dark chocolate pastry. Or a more general term like hot sauce, then when you visit the listing use Ctrl F to search for term in the listing and see the full keyword.

And general keywords might be catering, party platters, café or a specialization such as antipasto specialist or Spanish food specialist.

The Categories search box

  • The categories can help narrow your search results
  • Only want to buy from a retail store - select the Retail outlet category
  • Only want to buy online - select Online stores

The Location search box

The default search will provide retail store locations in the area you specify, plus businesses that deliver in your area, and online stores

  • Specifying a location won't eliminate online purchase options from your search, choose  Retail outlet in the category box to do that
  • Postcode is the most direct way to search
  • Suburb names are sometimes used in several different places so add the State too

The Distance selection box

Increasing the distance is good way to increase your chances of finding a source of what you want if you don't get any results.

Cooking magazines, newspaper articles, TV shows, cookbooks and recipes on the web have all motivated me to try cooking new and interesting things. Sometimes, I haven’t known where to start looking to find the ingredients, or I simply didn’t have the time to hunt them down.

Contact us

02 9904 1405

Should you have any questions,
comments or suggestions,
please don't hesitate to
contact us as we'd love
to hear from you.

Eventually the idea of a food shopping directory emerged, and grew into
a website that would:

  • Uncover where to buy those ‘harder to find’ ingredients, fresh
    produce and gourmet food products in your local stores or online
  • Look at individual ingredients; preparing and using them, and
    offering a variety of recipes ideas and links for the ingredient   
  • Invite you to share what you know and discover about how to use ingredients
  • Give you the opportunity to contribute what you know or discover
    about where to buy great ingredients, produce and gourmet foods
  • Deliver information to you directly from specialty food businesses;
    about new products, tastings, arrival of seasonal produce and anything else that will get us interested

So what is a ‘harder to find’ ingredient? I’ve found that what one person thinks is ‘harder to find’ isn’t the same as what the next person thinks. So to begin with there are about 1,000 sub-category items, and we’ll be pleased to hear about other items that should be included.  

There are also branded keywords to capture specific product names, like the hot sauce you found that had a funny name!

Use the keyword box as the main driver for your search, it will check the categories, keywords and business names. The search tips page can help if you get too few or too many results.

If you think food is wonderful, enjoy exploring tastes and flavours, and find cooking and sharing food a pleasure, I hope 4cooks proves to be interesting and useful to you.  


A unique and easy way to attract customers

... be right where they are looking for you

Specialty food businesses are facing a problem... the internet has changed buying habits and customer expectations.

Australians do millions of food related searches every week, and they rank the internet as the number one place for information about in-store purchases. But, when it comes to buying food, our research showed the web hasn’t been offering enough help...

... customers desperately want to go online to easily and conveniently find where they can buy specific ingredients, produce, and gourmet food products.

4cooks answers this problem - a new and unique food directory, designed to put the harder to find ingredients you stock at the finger tips of these purchase ready customers, and bring them to your retail or online store.

Here's what 4cooks has for you

  • In a matter of minutes you can create a listing and offer a whole new dimension to your customer service.
  • It's an amazingly simple way to get your business online, and in front of your target audience – without having your own website.
  • Give your own website a boost, with up to 6 inbound links to leverage your online content and a niche search engine to drive purchase ready customers to your online store.
  • Put your stock to work – not just as a window or aisle end display, but working 24/7 online showing you can help create a great food experience.
  • Word of mouth referral and valuable feedback through customer reviews.
  • Actively promote your business in our editorial content and news bites

About the directory listings

Contact details are included in every listing - Business name, street address, suburb, State, postcode, telephone number and a location map.

Search - the primary focus is on what you have to sell and where you can be found, plus options to raise the profile of your listing on the site. Your business name, suburb and postcode are also searchable fields.

Detailed business information – differentiate your business, this is your virtual shop front - using text, images, downloads or links, and video you can communicate the character of your business and the value you offer your customers.

Promotion and listing management features - to help you make the most of your listing, promote your business beyond your listing and build traffic we offer more than just a listing page.

Further details are below:

Search features

  Showcase Premium Basic Free
Search results priority 1st priority 2nd priority 3rd priority 4th priority
Type of business and Product categories Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Branded and house product keywords Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
General keywords Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Delivery suburbs and postcodes
Featured listing display

Click to create your listing


Detailed business description features

  Showcase Premium Basic Free
Description of the business 250 words 150 words 75 words
Images, logo and pictures 5 3 1
Opening hours
Links to documents or other pages 5 3
Link to your website
Contact form
Fax number
Credit cards accepted
Orders accepted by: phone, fax, email
Video 1

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Promotion and listing management features

  Showcase Premium Basic Free
Free 'Creating your listing' guide
Edit or upgrade your listing anytime
Free 4cooks business newsletter
Customer reviews
No gaps listing presentation
Publish your 4cooks web address
Free editorial coverage
News bites 104 26
Multi location businesses data import Rates on request Rates on request

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  Showcase Premium Basic Free
12 month subscription  Apply for market stall rates $598 $367 $131 $0

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Is listing on 4cooks right for your business?

Yes, if...

  • You want every bit of competitive edge you can get
  • Offering your customers value means more than just pricing
  • You would like to attract more customers
  • All aspects of customer service, new and old, are important to you

Whether you are just starting to market your business online, or expanding your online marketing, with 4cooks you know you’re on the right track, because it is ‐

  • Focussed on your niche market
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Designed to build visitor traffic and funnel the right buyers to you

Click to create your listing


who sells THAT INGREDIENT...

find specialty food businesses near you and online, browse ingredient information, search for RECIPES - Join for free to share your food knowledge and experience - COMMENT, write reviews or rate the businesses you use, and there’s a newsletter to keep you in the loop...